Tai Chi Chuan or as it is often called these days - Tai chi -  has been a popular form of exercise in the East for hundreds of years.  It has been practised as a Martial Art, as an exercise routine to develop and improve health and well being, and as a relaxing form of moving meditation.  In the West, our need for calmness of mind and fitness and health of body have made Tai chi a very popular and practical form of exercise.  People all over the world are using Tai chi for at least one of its functions in order to improve their quality of life as well as to develop their mind and body. 

Stress has become a problem for many people - having repercussions or affecting them physically, psychologically, socially and  professionally.  It is good to know that there are natural effective ways to counter the negative effects of stress in everyday life.  Even doctors these days are recommending that people take part in classes as opposed to relying on medication to achieve balance and homeostasis. 

There are many styles of Tai chi available for the public to learn.  The style we offer here is the Cheng Man Ching Short 37 posture Tai Chi Form.  Cheng's focus in later life was on health and well being, although in his younger days he was an accomplished fighter.  His style of Tai chi is very soft and gentle and this helps the healing, regenerative nature of the body.  This style of Tai chi is very popular all round the world.


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