Welcome to Tai Chi London - the official website for the Jun Chi Tai Chi Chuan Association of Great Britain. 

We have teachers based in various parts of London teaching private and group classes.  All the teachers are certified and qualified by the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain

The aim of the Association is to teach various health related arts as a way of improving people's quality of life. 

Some of the teachers specialise in working with the elderly and some with stroke suvivors.  There is a wide range of activities taught as part of the curriculum.  All the teachers are dedicated to helping their students improve their health and realise their potential.

The Tai Chi Form taught is the Cheng Man Ching 37 Posture Short Form.  The Form is taught through direct lineage from Cheng Man Ching to John Eastman to Glyn Williams.  The teachers in the Association have been taught by Glyn and are dedicated to this style of Tai Chi.

Other Forms taught in the classes include:  Sword Form, Sabre Form, Staff Form, Walking Stick Form, Fast Tai Chi Form, Tui Shou, Da Lu, Pa Tuan Chin, I-Chuan, Lohan, Tai Chi Chi Kung, Tai Chi Ruler, Chi Kung, Meditation, Stretching Techniques, Relaxation Techniques and Sitting exercises for the elderly.

The Association's teachers are based and teach in these parts of London:  Wood Green, Muswell Hill, Islington, Hackney, Central London, Camden Town, Elephant and Castle, Clapham and Bromley.

For more information about classes email: vgtaichi@yahoo.co.uk


Good Luck with your search and Tai Chi training!

Glyn Williams

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